Sunday, October 26, 2008

Blythe Dolls... ahead of their time

Blythe dolls were originally created in 1972, designed by Marvin Glass and Associates and manufacturered by Kenner. After only a year of production, it was decided Blythe's big head and changing eye color was too scary for children.

After many years, a friend introduced photographer Gina Garan to Blythe and she instantly fell in love. In 2000, Gina produced a book called "This is Blythe" with images she photographed and collected of the original Blythe doll. Blythe become an instant hit and has now achieved cult status.

What was initially a failure in the toy industry, has made a comeback and is the inspiration to one of my favorite Spring lines... Mim Pi. As you will soon see, dolls will be a big trend in fashion this Spring.

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Sparkles Make Me Smile said...

These dolls are way cute! Your blog and site is way cute guys! -Natalie L.